Today marks the end of our first quarterly lab analysis contest in which every customer had the chance to win €120-worth qualitative and quantitative analysis at Energy Control. Since June we received 185 entries and we apploud every participant for what all they had in common – the spirit of harm reduction. It makes us incredible proud to be part of making the use psychoactive compounds safer.

Now without further delay we present the winner. This entry is short but we couldn’t agree more:

  • We evolved past being lab rats

Congratulations to the winner! We have reached out by email with the code to redeem at Energy Control

Honorable mentions:

  • People be scared of what’s in that vaccine made on top top secured labs with fancy ph.d.s, but they be snorting, smoking and shooting all kinds of substances, manufactured buy dodgy types in with questionable motives, all weekend long. We need to be assured that we ingest pure and safe drugs to minimize accidents. OD’s a such party killers.

  • When I buy beer, I see on the label with what and how much I am poisoning myself. I wouldn’t want to buy a bottle of beer that had denatured alcohol in it ¯¯(ツ)_/¯

  • Better sober than dead!

Thank you to all the 185 participants!

The next quarterly contest starts today, try your luck!

Terms and conditions of the free laboratory analysis Energy Control contest

  1. The subject of the contest is a free qualitative and quantitative (%) lab analysis by GC/MS, HPLC/MS or equivalent
  2. The test that is the prize of the contest can be carried out by mail in the Energy Control laboratory in Barcelona (Spain)
  3. Only customers of store can participate in the contest
  4. A contest entry is a submission in the checkout field “WIN A FREE LAB TEST” (or by email) with a reason why drug checking is important
  5. The winner of the contest will be the constestant who makes the most convincing argument.
  6. The winner will be notified on 01.12.2021 and on the same day provided with a code to use on at any chosen date in the future